Soulja Boy – I Got The Yop On Me Mp3 Download

Soulja Boy – I Got The Yop On Me Mp3 Download

After something of a hiatus, Soulja Boy has gotten back in the habit of releasing tracks regularly on SoundCloud. His new track “I Got The Yop On Me” is exactly the kind of low-stakes rap he does well.

It’s a little darker than your average Soulja track, but navigates the confrontational energy with a catchy quality — kind of like “Mean Mug” off his The Deandre Way album.

Soulja was promoting a tape called SouljaSeason a little while back, but it’s unclear when the project will be released.

Last month he put out the Ronny J collaboration “New Chains” as well as “Bands Up.” Whether or not we see a new project from Soulja in the near future, he’s clearly found his groove once again.

Soulja also appeared on a recent track from the prolific and highly collaborative 24hrs. Listen to their single “New Lay” here.

Soulja Boy – I Got The Yop On Me Mp3 Download

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