Jon Hopkins – Singularity Album (Zip Download)

Jon Hopkins – Singularity Album (Zip Download)

The cover of British electronic musician Jon Hopkins’ new album depicts a serene desert dawn with a constellation of stars twinkling above.

This star cluster, however, doesn’t appear in the astronomy books. It’s in the shape of a DMT molecule, the active ingredient in psychedelic drugs such as ayahuasca.

And Singularity, intended by its creator to be heard as a whole, is a trip, with moments of intensity and harshness tempered by blissful beauty and meditative introspection.

Singularity is Londoner Hopkins’ ninth album (if you include his collaborations with Brian Eno and King Creosote, and several film soundtracks), and it’s certainly his most eagerly awaited.

Download Album Here

01 Singularity
02 Emerald Rush
03 Neon Pattern Drum
04 Everything Connected
05 Feel First Life
06 C O S M
07 Echo Dissolve
08 Luminous Beings
09 Recovery

Jon Hopkins – Singularity Album (Zip Download)

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